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Food proved to be more of a journey than vocation for Thomas who has worked with some talented individuals from which invaluable knowledge and education was gained. After more than 20 years in the food and beverage industry, a certified "foodie" is the best and easiest way to describe him.  

His life travels have presented different cultures and with them came the scents, sounds and secrets of food preparation. He recorded everything he could on a mental notepad and went merrily on his way, armed with knowledge and a filled stomach.A seaside fish hut in Jamaica, a back alley cook shop in Aruba, a street side bistro in Paris or an elegant restaurant in London, they have been Chef Thomas' classrooms. The aromas have tickled nostrils and  have led him to create, experimenting with flavors.

Chef Thomas had a crush on food and his wonderful wife as a teenager which have both grown into full blown love affairs.


After many years of working in the banking industry, Ann left to partner with her husband on the culinary journey. She brought with her treasured cake and dessert recipes for good old fashioned favorites and continues to tweak these into what is sure to become the favorites of the future. Baking has been a passion for Ann from a young age and she is now happy to share that passion with the clients they serve.

It is clear to see that they both love cooking and do so with love. Their dishes are a reflection of dedication to their craft, a respect for good healthy food and the ability to marry beauty and flavor. I guess you can say they are little bits of passion on a plate!