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​​​​Thomas Hudson​​

Specialty Sandwiches

Rupert Pumpernickel
Smoked Salmon slices, honey nut cream cheese, fresh dill and cucumber on pumpernickel bread

Snap and Lime
Pan fried Snapper fillet, shredded lettuce, sliced brown tomatoes and lime mayonnaise

on a crusty roll

Triple P
Pastrami, provolone, sautéed Peppers, chopped watercress on a ciabatta roll

Pancetta, lettuce, tomato, grated Romano and habanero mayonnaise on toasted Italian bread

Caesar’s Chicken Club
Sundried tomatoes, parmesan slivers, sliced grilled chicken, maple smoked bacon, creamy

Caesar dressing on a ciabatta bread.

Pickled Pig
Pulled pork, pickled leeks, sliced jalapenos and apple cider ketchup on a soft sandwich bun

You’re a jerk
Jerk chicken slices and a mango, tomato, and cilantro salsa stuffed in a Jamaican coco bread

Popeye and Olive
Baby spinach, herbed goat’s cheese, black olives, crushed capers, herb vinaigrette on a

sourdough roll

Ciabatta Caprese
Fresh basil leaves, chopped Scallions, chopped tomatoes, Burrata (cream stuffed mozzarella),

capers and balsamic vinaigrette on a warm ciabatta

Ann’s Wrap
Sweet chili shrimp, sautéed mixed vegetable and chopped chives wrapped in a lightly

toasted tortilla

Beef and Bagel
Pastrami, Homemade chive honey mustard, arugula leaves on a garlic bagel

French Fig
Prosciutto, goat cheese crumbles, thin sliced figs, pepper flakes and red wine vinaigrette

in a fresh croissant

Giving Thanks
Turkey slices, cranberry chutney, iceberg lettuce and truffle mustard on whole wheat bread