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Black Pepper Cream
A smooth cream sauce with fresh cracked pepper and a hint of thyme

BBQ Jerk 
A delightful marriage of original barbecue and authentic Jamaican Jerk sauces

Brown on Brown
Brown ale and brown sugar glazed, topped with gorgonzola crumbles

Classic Jerk 
Marinated in authentic Jamaican jerk seasoning and oven baked, topped with mango and cilantro salsa

Fried and smothered with the classic mixture of vinegar, sweet onions and julienned carrots

Honey Mustard
Our take on a classic using wholegrain mustard

One for the serious hot sauce lover, a blend of Peri Peri and Tabasco sauces with freshly chopped jalapeños

italian herb
Parsley, basil, chives and tarragon come together in a tangy vinaigrette

mandarin teriyaki
Sweet and tangy teriyaki sauce, oven grilled and topped with chopped spring onion and mandarin

sweet bourbon
Fresh thyme and fruit bourbon soaked

Triple H
A mouth tingling blend of Heineken beer, horseradish and honey

 RECOMMENDED WITH YOUR CHOICE OF WINGS, our oven baked paprika garlic WEDGES and freshly made cole slaw